Grill for Balconies, Wash areas, Gardens, Compound etc

Grill for Balconies, Wash areas, Gardens, Compound etc

  • Rs. 25,000.00

How It Works:

Step 1: Customer sends whatsapp message /email/ Fills the form for Grill 

Step 2: Our Technician will visit your house in a day or two and takes the measurements and other specifications like Material, Grill type , Design etc

Step 3: We will submit quotation and estimated timelines to make the grill and fit it at your premises

Step 4: The work will be started upon receiving 50% advance

Step 5: Grills will be delivered and fitted as per the agreed timelines, 

Step 6: Upon successful completion of work, the customer pays remaining 50% balance amount

Given price Rs 15000 is a high level estimate , the actual cost varies based on various factors like size, Grill type ,  Design,  Material etc

Please message your requirements to Whatsapp No: 93906 13597 or email to

Please email to if you are interested in this product.

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